Mindolo Ecumenical foundation Library Services

The Library services / facilities include Circulation Service, Reference Service, Recommendation of library material, Current Awareness Service, Photocopying / Printing Service, Orientation and Information Sessions, Selective Dissemination of Information, Audio Visual Service and Archive Service.

Circulation Services
Library materials are borrowed and returned at the circulation desk, which is located near the main entrance. Reserved books, audio visual material, periodicals, reference books and CDs / DVDs can be used with in library.

Reference Services
Library provides reference and referral service to its users. Queries are answered using all possible sources.

Recommend an Item
We welcome faculty, staff, students and other members to recommend any material, which can add value to our library collection. Purchase of recommended items is subject to approval and availability of funds. However, we try our best to honor all recommendations of our valued library members.

Current Awareness Service
Library members are regularly informed about the recent acquisitions in the library. A list of "NEW ARRIVALS".

Photocopying / Printing Service
Photocopying and printing facility is available with the library. Users can get the photocopy of required information from reference materials (like reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals and magazines etc.) on payment.

Orientation and Information Sessions
The library's orientation and information program extends the role of library in ensuring that users make the most effective use of library resources. The program is designed to educate the faculty members, students, and staff in locating printed and electronic knowledge resources to fulfill their information needs. This service is provided on individual and group basis.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
Keeping in view the area of interest of the library members, selected material is provided to them in order to keep them abreast of the latest knowledge in their field.

Audio / Visual Service
Library members can utilize audio visual resources available in library. To facilitate the users, necessary equipment has been provided for this purpose. Library staff also extends help to the members in using these resources.

Archive Services
An archive is a collection of data moved to a repository for long-term retention, to be kept separate for compliance reasons or for moving off primary storage media. It can include a simple list of files or files organized under a directory or catalog structure, depending on how a particular program supports archiving. archive as a service can simplify the process of storing critical data in a secure place.